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Our philosophyWho are we?


 Our philosophy 



Travelling with L’Égypte Autrement is, at first, getting to plan your journey according to your desires and wishes, with a specialists team who truly listen to your demands. Whether it be a trip with friends, or with your family or even a thematic trip such as initiatory, yoga or others. The sixth sense and experience of our guides and consultants will surprise you! We invite you for atrip on the River Nile, aboard our ships which exist in 3 different models, from the smallest to the largest, and from the simple to the luxurious:



Feluccas, Sandals and Dahabiehs !



No preset ideas? No worries, our guides and consultants will orient you in the right direction. Our policy consists of being continuously available to meet your demands. We prepare each trip, verifying step-by-step the quality of our services. Our loyal guests appreciate the originality of our programs, their distinctive characteristics, the concern taken in our choice of hotels and restaurants, as well as our choice of guides, not to mention the multitude of little bonuses included in our trips. It is our duty to understand you, thanks to 20 years of Egyptian experiences!



Create your dream holidays without any intermediaries or agencies. In brief, travel cheaper with the specialists… Many of the bigger adventure companies trust us since more than a decade.



Our story



All started at the boats junkyard of Kalabsha, hidden at the foot of the Aswan Dam, during a trek and boat spotting trip on Lake Nasser. The whole History of the mythic Egyptian river navy lied between two modest temples, salvaged by UNESCO from the threat of rising waters.



Thanks to Jack Bollet, the founder of “Nomade Aventure” among others, the Sandals and Dahabiehs resumed the Nile navigation. This visionary imagined the tourist discovering the Nile while navigating onboard the same ancient boats once used to transport materials. Paul Bedros was delighted by the idea, thereupon they both collaborated to develop travelling the Nile in a different manner.


The robust iron hulls were sadly floating between two waters, resembling the lost souls of a melancholic glorious past. Half-immerged in the fertile soils of the Nile, Sandals and Dahabiehs were imploring for their revival.



All that remained from the Sandal s a rusted hull, used by decades of fluvial navigation, transporting blocks of limestone extracted from the desert.. the ex-majestic Dahabieh was leaning as an old British baroness in her Sunday’s clothes. The Art Nouveau paneling reminded of her glorious past.



The idea seemed crazy but seductive; after all, these vessels were made to navigate the sacred river with its thousand caprices, having a hull perfectly designed for strolling around the wild banks. Once the masts and sails mounted, the Sahara winds, gently whispering in the palm trees, allows for a quiet navigation.



Then, Paul, Jack and others re-invented the boats. The ship-owners, carpenters, boilermakers and Nubian sailors resurrected the “Beauties of the Nile”, empowering them to take the sail.. Finally, cooks and guides came to share the Nile secrets with the travelers from all around the world, while being far, very far away from ship mass-travelling.





  • Jack Bollet

    Jack Bollet, Travel designer

  • Paul PDG.

    Paul, CEO

  • Marina

    Marina, Air

  • Badr

    Badr, Logistics coordinator

  • Madonna

    Madonna, Logistics and accounting support

  • Arm, Comptable

    Amr, Accountant

  • Dina

    Dina, Coordinator and reservation

  • Bastien

    Bastien, Travel advisor

  • Ginette

    Ginette, Egypt advisor

  • Menna

    Menna, Accountant

Cruise team

  • Magdi

    Magdi, Coordinator

  • Mustapha

    Mustapha, Captain

  • Sayed

    Sayed, Captain

  • Hussein

    Hussein, Guide

  • Sameh

    Sameh, Guide

  • El Tayeb

    El Tayeb, Cook

  • Alaa


  • Saïd

    Saïd, Cook

The team of l'Égypte Autrement 


Paul started his career in the middle of Sinaï, among the Bedouins of Sheikh Hamed, a privileged campers site for expeditions to Mount Sinaï, dominating the Red Sea.


Paul is Copt, and is a proud descendants of the latest Pharaohs. He started by organizing trip onboard feluccas on the Nile, as well as trips to the White Desert. His motto is: “Offer more and incite people to come back”, sharing his values such as friendship, trust and honesty.


Then others joined in, guides such as Sameh and Hussein, and drivers and cooks, all sharing their know-how with European guides; as well as camels and camel-owners from the oasis. Magdi ensures the smooth of boat crews, not to forget Alaa who will respond to each of your demands to ensure you an agreeable stay. Each and every one excels in his domain.


This complementing team makes l’Égypte Autrement one of the best agencies for classic and adventurous tours, discoveries and charms, away from known paths, travelling in small groups or custom-tailored tours. This spirit of complicity lasts among guests sharing this experience of little pieces from Egypt, and guests became friends.


They are your Cairo and its pyramids guides, and will also accompany you up to the Nile Valley for the Egyptologist among you.. from Luxor to the mystic Abu Simbel, passing through Nubia, or along the Nile banks onboard one of our charm vessels.


For the adventurous, they will guide you in the vast desert areas of Sahara, from the White Desert up to Siwa Oasis, crossing the huge sands on foot, car or camel riding. They will revive your school programs within the gigantic ruins and through the narrow Mamelouk alleys..


Finally, they are your sailors onboard the Nile dream vessels which were precious to the heart of King Farouk of Egypt, such as Feluccas, Sandals and Dahabiehs. These are new ways to avoid the crowds of mass tourism on the majestic river, while choosing our stops among the palm groves, the archeological sites and the colorful Nubian villages.



Our passion is Egypt, and our mission is to offer you a unique amazing adventure!



Together, at the discovery of l’Égypte Autrement ! (Egypt Differently)



No intermediaries, just between you and us and our commonly shared passion! This is our true conception of ethic tourism.